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​Wellness Economy Business

Welcome to Join Us

Professionals in various fields of the wellness economy or entrepreneurs interested in joining this industry are all welcome. We offer a comprehensive training program and a new one-stop entrepreneurial guidance, assisting you in establishing your career and realizing your self-worth.

Welcome to the global wellness economy, with a low investment threshold and quarterly fixed dividends. Investors are not liable for investment losses. You can enjoy complimentary or discounted access to all company services and products. Additionally, you have the opportunity to become an honorary president of our counseling society and public welfare foundation.

We welcome internet marketing experts, influencers, or aspiring entrepreneurs interested in joining the wellness economy business. There are low entry thresholds and no experience requirements. As long as you have a computer, smartphone, and internet connection, let’s start your career and achieve a life of financial freedom.

Collaborative Proposals

In the era of diversified services, we welcome strategic alliances and collaborations with businesses in different industries. By integrating channels, we can jointly create better business opportunities. If you have any collaboration proposals or creative ideas, please email us with a brief description of the proposal. We will arrange for further discussions with dedicated personnel.


By incorporating our services into the existing business framework, you can offer your customers value-added and comprehensive professional services. With robust marketing and promotional prowess, you are capable of independently providing localized services for the designated region.


Advertising  Collaborations

Join our advertising partnership program to expand your advertising benefits and successfully earn advertising revenue. Enjoy the freedom to choose your own advertising design or receive the necessary support from us. Contact us immediately to obtain more information about advertising collaborations.


Are you interested in developing a career in the wellness economy industry? Welcome to join us! ALPHA GUIDE can tailor a career plan that suits you best.

Interested individuals, please email your resume to:

Alpha Guide 線上心理輔導
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