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Family Healing Program

Educate and Cultivate Mentally Healthy Parents


Family Healing Program (FHP)

The Family Healing Program is designed to assist family members in addressing the pressures and emotional distress they face in their personal and professional lives, thereby improving their mental well-being and enhancing family relationships. 

Unlike traditional individual counseling, our program focuses not only on personal emotional issues but also on each family member's mental health. Through one-on-one online counseling, we empower each family member with the skills to confront and manage personal challenges, reducing unnecessary disturbances that may affect family harmony.

Online tutoring support platform

Alpha Guide is a recommended online platform for psychological counseling and life guidance. Family members only need to provide brief information, and after the system analyzes the data, it will immediately recommend suitable counselors. Alternatively, family members can choose counselors based on their own needs. Through our online platform, family members can receive counseling anytime, anywhere.

Educate and Cultivate Mentally Healthy Parents

 The Importance of Family Healing Function

No matter how great their achievements are, an unhappy person cannot fill the void in their life with money and fame. If we desire a harmonious, happy, and stable society, the most direct approach is to start with family education. Parents are the cornerstone of a family. Mentally healthy parents possess quality emotional management skills, balanced values, and open and accepting mindsets. More importantly, they cultivate children who are not afraid of failure, embrace challenges, have abundant love, willingly contribute, exhibit curiosity about life, and are willing to explore and take risks.

Children who receive support and companionship from their parents during their growth stages learn how to become stronger in various challenges. They possess a powerful inner strength that allows them to experience and prove themselves, unafraid of failure and avoiding challenges. When they grow into adults, they can provide the same support and encouragement to others, leading more people to live a life of value and meaning, and become individuals who positively impact society.

On the contrary, children who have not received parental support but rather constant repression, control, and demands struggle to authentically experience themselves during their growth process. They may lack self-confidence and a sense of self-identity, leading to being bullied or becoming bullies, creating social problems. Furthermore, they may lose the ability to empathize with others or develop a severe self-sacrificing mentality. These issues not only affect families but also burden businesses and society as a whole.

Therefore, parents who are willing to grow and change through education become a positive force in society. They inspire and gradually improve the imbalances around them, redirecting the course of social development towards a harmonious and progressive civilized world.

Scope of Family Member’s Psychological Counseling


Emotional Management



Personal Healing


Spousal Relationships


Relatives' Interactions

Family Healing​


Skills and Attitudes

Career Planning

Development Goals
Colleague Interactions


Communication Skills 

Conflict Resolution

Interpersonal Relationships

Friendship Interactions​


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