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Employee Assistance Program

Focusing on Optimizing Elite Talents


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Program is a support initiative to assist employees in resolving personal and work-related stress and emotional distress, thereby improving mental health and effectively enhancing work efficiency.

Unlike typical corporate training programs that focus solely on job-related skills, we prioritize each employee's mental health and well-being. Through personalized online counseling, we empower employees to better cope with and address personal issues, reducing unnecessary distress that may impact their work performance.

Online tutoring support platform

Alpha Guide is a recommended online platform for psychological counseling and life guidance. Employees only need to provide brief information, and after the system analyzes the data, it will immediately recommend suitable counselors. Alternatively, employees can choose counselors based on their own needs. Through our online platform, employees can receive counseling anytime, anywhere.

Focusing On Optimizing Elite Talents

The Importance of Corporate EAP

Past data statistics have shown that psychological distress reduces work efficiency, with employees being productive for only about 50% of their working time on average. They also take leaves of absence due to this reason. The situation of "presenteeism" (when employees are physically present but unable to perform their work effectively) can cause greater losses to companies than if employees were absent from work.


Research results have found that employees' monthly productivity increases by nearly 13 hours on average after receiving EAP services. This increase translates to an improved return on investment for the company. EAP not only effectively reduces employee absenteeism but also alleviates work-related distress. Addressing existing issues and enhancing employee satisfaction and morale converts the support provided to employees into motivation for the company.


According to online surveys, over 90% of large companies with more than 5,000 employees have implemented EAP, while nearly 80% of small and medium-sized enterprises have done so. Third-party professional organizations providing EAP services are considered more credible than internally established programs since they avoid the suspicion and awkwardness employees may feel when dealing with internal personnel. They can objectively address employees' psychological issues. We aim to share our evidence-based expertise with companies to assist them in optimizing their talent and gaining a competitive advantage.

Scope of Employee Psychological Counseling


Emotional Management



Personal Healing


Spousal Relationships


Relatives' Interactions

Family Healing​


Skills and Attitudes

Career Planning

Development Goals
Colleague Interactions​


Communication Skills

Conflict Resolution

Interpersonal Relationships

Friendship Interactions​


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