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Franchise Marketing Program

Online tutoring support platform

We welcome internet marketing experts, influencers, or aspiring entrepreneurs interested in joining the wellness economy business. There are low entry thresholds and no experience requirements. As long as you have a computer, smartphone, and internet connection, let’s start your career and achieve a life of financial freedom.

All-in-One Platform System

Establish your own wellness economy business, and Start earning money as soon as you are on online

Expand the global market

Unrestricted by regional market limitations

No experience required or tremendous expenditure costs

Low-risk, low-threshold business model

Recommended sharing

Create sustainable passive income

Franchise Advantages

Increase the chances of franchisees' success and shape a sustainable business model


Our team has over 20 years of professional experience, and we will exert maximum support throughout the entire process to maintain the promotional efforts of our franchisees.


Experience a free 4-hour counseling session to allow you to have a deeper understanding of our service offerings, enabling you to promote with confidence.


Offering a 40% off on the hourly card, empowering you to soar in recommending and sharing.


"You can receive 10% of the actual sales profit amount from individual sub-stations, creating a sustainable passive income.

Introduction to the plan

Buffett once said, "If you can't make money while you sleep, you will work until you die."

If you want to create passive income and live a life of freedom, earning money through sharing your interests and passions is an amazing opportunity. Don't worry about whether it will work because this is a proven business model that can generate profits. You can flexibly manage your time and work from any environment. There is no need to stock inventory, manage finances, logistics, or after-sales services, additionally, you don't have to build an organization or manage employees. Even without experience, you can easily get started. This is an ultra-low-cost and low-risk entrepreneurial opportunity that can be sustained in the long term because there will always be a market as long as there are people.

Whether you are a homemaker looking to contribute to the household income or a career woman seeking to enhance your self-worth, ALPHA GUIDE's entire business model can provide you with a step-by-step entrepreneurial plan, allowing you to find your own life's value and meaning. It creates an important and impactful role, enabling you to live a fulfilling and intelligent life. The scope of the wellness economy is extensive, and many people have the opportunity to engage with it for personal growth or self-healing. Some even develop it into their own personal business. Regardless of your path, as long as you have a high passion for psychological counseling, ALPHA GUIDE warmly welcomes your participation to make a greater accomplishments here.

We welcome internet marketing experts, influencers, or aspiring entrepreneurs interested in joining the wellness economy business. Through the power of recommendation and sharing, you can directly monetize your fan base and traffic, increasing your income. Apart from earning money, you can genuinely aid people. Your simple sharing could potentially change someone's life. This is an ideal scenario of a win-win-win situation.

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