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Agent Partnership

The Maximum Funding Available Is Up To $500,000 

Project Introduction

The Agent Partnership aims to incubate and nurture talents, and promote innovative entrepreneurial models. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to receive maximum funding of HKD 500,000  along with training courses. The funding will be disbursed in installments based on the progress of the completion and does not require repayment. Applicants are required to participate in a two-year "mentorship program" where a dedicated mentor will provide necessary support and assistance tailored to the business development. Successful applicants must contribute 10-20% of the approved funding amount as startup capital (a specific amount subject to Alpha Guide's assessment of the project's situation).

  • Eligibility: Applicants must be between 18 and 45 years old.

  • Application Documents:

  1. Application form (Online application)

  2. Business plan

  3. Copy of identification card

  4. Proof of address (within three months of application)

  5. Relevant educational and employment certificates (if applicable)

  6. Copy of business registration of current or previous company operated by the applicant (if applicable)


The entire process is expected to be completed approximately 8-12 weeks after submitting the application documents


Fill out the online application form


Write the business plan


Preliminary assessment


First interview


Second interview


Result Announcement

Progress Reports

Approved applicants are required to submit regular reports and statements

Progress Reports

After the commencement of the business activities, quarterly progress reports need to be submitted.  The reports should include the following information: achievements and performance of the planned phases, challenges encountered, and solutions.

​​Financial Statements

Financial statements need to be submitted monthly to reflect the financial status. They will be audited annually by an accountant, and the corresponding audit report should be submitted.

Mid-term Report

During the two-year funding period, applicants need to submit a mid-term report after the first 12 months of the project. The report should review the current progress of the project based on its actual operation and provide relevant details.

Final Report

Upon completion of the funding period, applicants are required to submit a final report. The report should assess the overall achievements and relevant details of the project based on its actual operation.

Business Plan

Please write a business plan based on the following categories

1. Executive Summary

2. Basic Information

  • Company name, address, phone number

  • Company structure (sole proprietorship/partnership/limited company)

  • Names, ages, and ownership percentages of operators/partners/shareholders

  • Operating location 

  • Business registration number (if applicable)

3. Products/Services

  • Nature and characteristics of the products/services

  • Business objectives

  • Industry overview

  • Products/services’ advantages

4. Market Strategy​

  • Target customers

  • Market positioning

  • Sales forecast for the first three years

  • Number of competitors and competitive landscape

  • Other market research data

5. Financials​​​​​​​

  • Products/services pricing and positioning

  • Required operational costs

  • Profit generation methods and plans

  • Fundraising methods

  • Three-year financial forecasts

  • Detailed financial budget for the first year of operation

  • If the business is already operational, please provide the latest financial report

6. Marketing and Promotion

  • Channels or locations for providing the products/services

  • Scale of operations

  • Advertising methods

7. Management

  • Organizational structure

  • Estimated number of employees and their roles

8. Legal ​ ​​

  • Company structure (sole proprietorship/partnership/limited company) and required legal documents

  • Business registration/licenses/permits required

  • Basic terms of employment contracts

  • Employee compensation and benefits

  • Licenses/visas required for employees

9. Recommendation letters (if applicable)

  1. All submitted documents will not be returned. Applicants are advised to make copies of the documents for record-keeping and backup purposes. The information provided is only for the purpose of applying for agent partnership.

  2. If the applicant provides false information or conceals any important information, the application will be deemed invalid. The approved funding will cease to be disbursed, and any funds already paid must be fully refunded.

  3. Alpha Guide reserves the right to make final decisions regarding all matters related to this project.

Agent Application

Do you want to become our regional agent?

Businesses from different fields can provide an additional service to customers

By adding our service offerings to your existing business framework, your customers can receive value-added and comprehensive professional services.


Become a regional agent for providing professional service

Possess strong marketing and promotional abilities, with relevant personnel receiving training in different specialties at the headquarters, enabling independent provision of localized services for the respective region.


I would like to further understand

Thank you for submitting! We will reply as soon as possible.

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