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Cheung Suk Man, Mary 使用Zoom線上會議方式,請務必先行下載。 For Zoom online meetings, please be sure to download

  • 2,000港元

說明 Introduce

Senior counsellor Languages ​​used: Chinese, Cantonese, English. Highest Educational Qualification: Master of Science Professional Institution Accreditation: HK Professional Counselling Association Summary of Experience for 40 yrs: 1️⃣Counseling multi-cultural clients of all age in HK/U.S (individuals, couples, families & groups) including: -28 yrs Staff Training/Consulting/ Program Development/Supervision/Management -16 yrs Hypnosis -8 yrs Universities’ Teaching 2️⃣Facilitated 500+training for executives, managers, HR, staff groups, teachers, parents, social workers & college students in 150+ international/U.S/H.K corporations, Us & schools for 28 yrs. 3️⃣ Expertise Areas: -Consultant in Organizational/Program/Mental Health/Media -Program Developer/Manager/Trainer of Peer Counselors/Advisors & Social Service programs -Consultant/Developer of Clinical Framework for new Holistic Health-Wellness Center -Training Developer/Trainer of Management Training & Wellness Program for corporations & Train-the-Trainers, Micro-Counseling Skills for MH NGO. -Staff Trainings’ topics: Coping w. Covid19, holistic health/well-being, leadership development, EQ, moving forward in workplace's changes, engaging customers, giving/receiving feedback, presentation, art of happiness, positive psychology & thinking, cross-cultural communication & sensitivity, communication , negotiation, conflict resolution, diversity & inclusion, stress/anger /emotional management, adversities'⁹ coping, grief/losses, counseling, micro-counseling skills, hypnosis, mindfulness, meditation, relaxation techniques, parenting, etc. -Lecturer in psychology/counseling/social work skills/communication. -Counseling & hypnosis for all age & culture. Some of my expertise areas: -anxiety, PTSD -healing from childhood or other traumas -depression, -work stress -parenting stress, parent education, -stress management, -emotional/anger management, -communication, negotiation, mediation, -conflict management -crisis management, critical incidence support -management consultation -work/life balance -Higher education, choosing majors, applying to top Us overseas -career paths & transitions - cross-cultural sensitivity/awareness -improving relationships, marriages, family relationships -how to improve holistic health in mind-body-spirit -hypnosis -inter-spirituality -mindfulness -meditation, deep relaxation methods -having better quality sleep, etc.

取消政策 Cancellation Policy

一經付款確認,即無法取消與退費,如要更改日期,請至少1天前通知我們。 Once payment is confirmed, cancellation and refund are not possible. If you want to change the date, please inform us at least 1 day in advance.

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