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30-Day Slow Walking Challenge

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30 minutes a day of slow walking for a continuous period of 30 days. Unlike seated meditation, you don't need to empty your mind during these 30 minutes. On the contrary, you are encouraged to express yourself fully and then observe and record your state from the perspective of an observer in the following aspects: 1. Breathing 2. Heartbeat 3. Emotions and feelings (mood) 4. Thoughts that arise in the mind 5. Reactions in various parts of the body These five observation points will allow you to gather critical information you may have overlooked in your usual life. The "self" you haven't discovered yet could potentially be the key to changing your life. When you engage in slow movements, your brain automatically adjusts its brainwave patterns to adapt to this pace. Coupled with the environment of slow walking, such as in a park or outdoor setting with trees, you are activating the brain neurons that receive relaxation signals. Practicing this for thirty consecutive days allows you to establish synaptic connections associated with a relaxed state, which enable you to alleviate pressure, enhance resilience, and, most importantly, strengthen the channels for receiving higher levels of consciousness. After completing a 30-day cycle, there may not be any apparent differences on the surface, but you are no longer the same person as you were 30 days ago. Your ability to shift your thoughts has become more robust. In situations that used to consume you for one or two weeks, you now can let go in just a day or two. As a result, your emotional management skills have improved. Your brain, liberated from being controlled by negative emotions, becomes clearer. You start to see things without the lens of emotions, and personal biases no longer hinder or interfere with your judgment. Therefore, there are endless benefits to you, including becoming more confident, actions becoming effective, and so much on. It is time to experience vast advantages for yourself. Follow the videos and observe and record your experience of slow walking. If you are willing to share your experience of slow walking, seniors can provide you with more incredible feedback, which will assist you in creating fantastic change. Let’s improve together. If you have suppressed massive negative energies, those negative energies may surface during the initial phase of slow walking as your body starts relaxing. Additionally, you may have an intense feeling of exhaustion due to the release of long-term accumulated stress. With the beginning to develop new neural pathways in your brain, there are several sensations you may experience, for instance, swelling or tingling in the lower part of your brain and numbness in the fingertips, etc. These are all signs that your body and frequency are undergoing an elevation and transformation, which are worth celebrating. Slow walking is the training you undertake before embarking on the path of creation. You need to cultivate a body tuned to a new frequency, which allows you to achieve your various goals. Be your own witness to the miracles that occurred to yourself in the real world.


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